Buying a Monument

Purchasing a memorial for your loved one is a major decision that will be reflected upon for years to come. As your local monument builder, we have worked with bereaved families for over 35 years. We are familiar with all area cemeteries, their rules and regulations regarding the size and types of memorials that will be acceptable. When you visit our showroom or Monument Gallery, you will see a variety of monuments and markers from which to choose. Using our computer program, we will help you create a design for your memorial that you will be able to view and edit until you are satisfied with what you see. We also offer a wide variety of ornaments to enhance your monument such as ceramic photos, impact portraits, vases, eternal lights and statues. We combine your wishes and our experience in monument building to help you choose the proper text and design for your memorial.Then we take care of everything from inscription to installation.

As a renowned company we strongly believe in after sales services such as engraving, repairs, cleaning and re-leveling of monuments.

Purchasing a Monument Before Need

In today’s world more people are pre-arranging their funerals to lessen the burden for their spouse or family. At the same time they will purchase their own monument. Through a personalized design, which you help to create, the monument can reflect your beliefs, values, whatever is meaningful to you. What do you want to tell future generations about yourself and your family? This is your chance to make your personal statement for history.

You can save money when you buy a monument before the need arises. Like everything else, it will cost less now than in years to come.

Monument Cost

Depending on the style, size and colour that you choose, you can expect to pay between $500 to $2,500 for a flat marker or pillow marker. The average double upright monument will cost approximately $2,000 to $4,000 depending on size and color. A more elaborate upright monument with ornaments such as photos and etchings, statues and vases may cost you more than $5,000.

Although installations are made from May to October, you can order a memorial during the winter and be assured of early spring delivery. Our showroom is open on a part-time basis during the winter and you can call to make an appointment.

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