Monument Styles and Etchings

Styles of Monuments

Our monuments are made from high quality granite that will endure for years to come. The granite comes in a large variety of colours, including black, charcoal, light grey, mountain rose and India red. Different granites have different qualities for use in the monument building process.


Hand Etchings

With this technique, our artist can reproduce an image with more details. A photo is provided by the customer and it is reproduced on the memorial. The focus is put in the details that will make it unique to the memory of the deceased. Once the etching is completed, a special procedure is performed to highlight it.

Impact Etchings

The impact etching is a new technique, which reproduces an image from a photograph. This method is excellent for portraits. It reproduces a person’s face exactly as it appears in the photograph. We can also edit pictures and do a montage with the photos the customer brings in.